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High Growth South Eastern European Start-Ups Investor Readiness Research

by admin on septembrie 9th, 2009

The organization I am working for, Timisoara Software Business Incubator is partnering with YES Foundation (Skopje, Macedonia) in promoting a research focusing on South-Eastern Europe’s high-growth start-ups investor readiness.

Timisoara Software Business Incubator and YES Foundation invites those interested companies from Romania to enroll in this research by providing their answers to the questionnaire accessible at

After processing the inputs collected from Romania, Montenegro, Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia, Kosovo, Bulgaria and Armenia start-ups, the results will be made available structured as a report to be launched at Global Entrepreneurship Week Conference to be organized by YES Foundation in Skopje, Macedonia, November 16-22.

Representatives of 30-40 companies that answered the survey will be invited to attend the event (their accommodation being covered) in order to benefit the opportunities to match with potential partners and investors active in the region.

This questionnaire is specially designed for obtaining information on your needs as a start-up business and its main goal is to offer valuable data to potential investors that could help you develop your business. Answering this questionnaire will also provide you with an insight of your investment readiness as well as enable you to present your business / business idea to potential investors that could help you implement your ideas.

Please be so kind and take 15 to 20 minutes of your busy time to answer all questions and complete the questionnaire. This will help the researchers to get all necessary information and draw conclusions that will definitely interest you about the start-ups’ investor readiness in your country and in the region.

Important note!

In order to be able to completely fill in the questionnaire each questions should be answered, without exceptions.

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